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What Sets Italian Honey Apart from the Rest?

Honey is a natural food that bees produce from the nectar of flowers to feed themselves. Humans have been harvesting honey for their own use for thousands of years, and it is probably the oldest sweetener known to man. Honey has not only been used as a sweetener, but has medicinal healing properties that make it beneficial in treating burns, rashes and sore throat. It is also used in cosmetic preparations, and many women swear by its effectiveness as a facial mask. Historically, honey has significance in many ancient religions. Hinduism considers honey to be an elixir of immortality and Jewish tradition reveres honey as a symbol of a sweet new year. The book of Exodus in the Old Testament told of the Hebrew people searching for a land flowing with milk and honey.

When you know all the wonderful qualities of natural honey, you are likely to develop an appetite for some delicious honey to spread on a slice of warm toast. An important part of purchasing honey is in choosing the type and flavor of that jar of honey. Your decision may take some time when you take the many possible sources into consideration. Most honey for sale in grocery stores has been filtered and pasteurized, and may not even be 100 percent honey in spite of a label stating it is pure honey. Purchasing a jar of natural honey from a farmer’s market or local beekeeper may be an alternative, but perhaps you live in an area where honey bees are scarce.

There are many sources of natural honey from countries around the world. Because of the various flowers growing in these different areas, the honey produced from each of these locations will have its own unique flavor, color and consistency. Italian honey is produced in several regions and the flowers available in each region influence the flavor of the unfiltered honey in its raw state.

The Southern Alps of Italy is known for the Italian honey influenced by the acacia flower. This honey has a slight vanilla taste and is known as “moonflower honey”. The flavor is clean and light and it is very popular in Italy. Another unique Italian honey is influenced by the eucalyptus blossom. This honey has a medium sweetness and a hint of licorice flavor; a combination that goes perfectly with such dairy foods as fresh cheese or plain yogurt. If you are a fan of gourmet honey, you are sure to appreciate the bold flavor of an Italian honey produced in the Roero valley of Italy. This unique honey is mildly sweet with a slight hint of bitterness and is created from the blossoms of lavender.

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